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Baby KUna seria2013Music/Lyrics
Bloody Vinyl / Slait, Young Miles, Low Kidd feat. Nitro, Fabri Fibra, Jake La Furia5G2020Music/Lyrics
Emis Killa / Jake La Furia / Salmo / Fabri FibraSparami2020Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra+-2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra3 parole2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra67912010Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraA casa2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraA me di te2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraAh Yeah Mr. Simpatia2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraAlieno2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraAlte vendita2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraAmici o nemici2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraAmnesia2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraApplausi per Fibra2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraBisogna scrivere2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraBrutto figlio di2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraCentoquindici2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraChe cazzata2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraCoccole2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraCome vasco2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraControcultura2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraCosa avevi capito?2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraCronico2017Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraCuore di latia2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraDemo nello stereo2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraDouble Trouble2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraEl diablo2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraEquilibrio2017Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraEscort2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraFai come noi2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraFenomeno2017Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraFrank Sinatra2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraFumo erba2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraGuerra e pace2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraIl rap nel mio paese2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraIl triangolo sý2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraIn alto2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraIntro (Cielo)2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraInvece no2017Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraLa pula buss˛2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraLa solitudine dei numeri uno2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraLamborghini / Rime sul beat2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraLascia stare2017Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraLe donne2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraLe vacanze2017Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraMal di stomaco2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraMoney For Dope 20172017Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraNemico pubblico2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraNessun aiuto2017Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraNessuno2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraNon correre2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraNon credo ai media2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraNon potete capire2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraOgni donna2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraOgni giorno2017Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraOutro (Senti)2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraPronti, partenza, via!2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraRaggi laser2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraRap in guerra2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraRed Carpet2017Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraRing ring2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraRingrazio2017Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraRivelazione2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraRompiti il collo2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraSento le sirene2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraSono un soldato2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraSpara al diavolo2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraSquallor2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraStavo pensando a te2017Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraSu le mani2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraTranne te2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraTroie in Porsche2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraTutti in campana2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraTutti matti2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraTutto in un giorno2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraVip In Trip2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri FibraVoce2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra con Al CastellanaChe tempi2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra con Dargen D'AmicoInsensibile2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra con DJ Double SLa fretta2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra con ElisaDagli sbagli si impara2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra con EnticsTroppo famoso2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra con MarracashQualcuno normale2010Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra con NeffaPanico2013Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. ClementinoE.U.R.O.2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. Colapesce & DimartinoPropaganda2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. Diego MancinoIdee stupide2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. Emma, Baby GangIn Italia 20242024Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. Francesca MichielinLiberi2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. GelA volte2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. Gemitaiz, MadmanNon me ne frega un cazzo2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. Gianna NanniniIn Italia2007Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. GuŔ & SalmoCocaine2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. Gue' PequenoE tu ci convivi2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. Ketama126Pronti al peggio2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. La´oungDipinto di blu2017Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. Lazza & MadameCaos2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. LucarielloPablo Escobar / Skit Squallor2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. MarracashNoia2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. MarracashPlayboy2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. Maurizio CarucciStelle2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. NeffaSulla giostra2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. NesliVaffan***o scemo2006Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. Nitro SalmoDexter2015Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. Rose VillainGoodFellas2022Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. TheGiornalistiPamplona2017Music/Lyrics
Fabri Fibra feat. YoussouphaRock That Shit2015Music/Lyrics
Francesca Michielin feat. Fabri FibraMonolocale2020Music/Lyrics
Gemitaiz feat. Fabri FibraFammi fuori2016Music/Lyrics
GuÚ Pequeno feat. Fabri FibraIn orbita2013Music/Lyrics
Irene FornaciariNo More Amor2009Music/Lyrics
Izi feat. Fabri FibraDopo esco2017Music/Lyrics
Jake La Furia feat. Fabri FibraAli e radici2016Music/Lyrics
Mahmood feat. Fabri FibraAnni 902019Music/Lyrics
Marracash feat. Fabri FibraVita da star2015Music/Lyrics
Mondo Marcio + Fabri FibraScoppia la bomba2016Music/Lyrics
MorenoChe confusione2013Music/Lyrics
MorenoIeri sera2014Music/Lyrics
MorenoLa distanza2013Music/Lyrics
MorenoLa novitÓ2013Music/Lyrics
MorenoPiccole cose2013Music/Lyrics
MorenoProva microfono2014Music/Lyrics
MorenoSapore d'estate2013Music/Lyrics
MorenoSemaforo rosso2014Music/Lyrics
Neffa feat. Fabri FibraFoglieMorte2024Music/Lyrics
Nitro feat. Fabri FibraAvvoltoi2020Music/Lyrics
Quentin40 feat. Fabri Fibra666GAP2019Music/Lyrics
RapstarChimica Brother2012Music/Lyrics
RapstarCi rimani male2012Music/Lyrics
RapstarCome me2012Music/Lyrics
RapstarIl giro dell'oca2012Music/Lyrics
RapstarLa luce2012Music/Lyrics
RapstarNon Ŕ gratis2012Music/Lyrics
RapstarPrendi il microfono2012Music/Lyrics
RapstarQuanta rabbia2012Music/Lyrics
Rapstar con Dj Double SOutro2012Music/Lyrics
Rapstar con EnticsUna possibilitÓ2012Music/Lyrics
Rapstar con MarracashLa prova vivente2012Music/Lyrics
Raul Malo with the Northern SinfoniaL'appuntamento2012Music/Lyrics
Rocco Hunt feat. Fabri FibraVada come vada2021Music/Lyrics
Salmo feat. Fabri FibraStai zitto2018Music/Lyrics
Tha Supreme / Fabri FibraParano1a K1d2019Music/Lyrics
Applausi per Fibra (Fabri Fibra)103.7
Tranne te (Fabri Fibra)93.67
In Italia (Fabri Fibra feat. Gianna Nannini)53.6
Applausi per Fibra (Fabri Fibra)103.7
Tranne te (Fabri Fibra)93.67
In Italia (Fabri Fibra feat. Gianna Nannini)53.6

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