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Death From AboveAll I C Is U & Me2017Producer
Death From AboveCaught Up2017Producer
Death From AboveFreeze Me2017Producer
Death From AboveHoly Books2017Producer
Death From AboveKeep It Real Dumb2017Producer
Death From AboveMoonlight2017Producer
Death From AboveNever Swim Alone2017Producer
Death From AboveNomad2017Producer
Death From AboveNvr 4Evr2017Producer
Death From AboveOutrage! Is Now2017Producer
Death From AboveStatues2017Producer
Good CharlotteA New Beginning2002Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteEmotionless2002Producer
Good CharlotteFalling Away2004Producer
Good CharlotteGhost Of You2004Producer
Good CharlotteGirls And Boys2002Producer
Good CharlotteHold On2002Producer
Good CharlotteI Just Wanna Live2004Producer
Good CharlotteIf You Leave2001Producer
Good CharlotteIn This World (Murder)2004Producer
Good CharlotteIt Wasn't Enough2004Producer
Good CharlotteLifestyles Of The Rich And Famous2002Producer
Good CharlotteMeet My Maker2004Producer
Good CharlotteMountain2004Producer
Good CharlotteMovin' On2002Producer
Good CharlotteMy Bloody Valentine2002Producer
Good CharlotteOnce Upon A Time: The Battle Of Life And Death2004Producer
Good CharlottePredictable2004Producer
Good CharlotteRiot Girl2002Producer
Good CharlotteS.O.S.2004Producer
Good CharlotteSay Anything2002Producer
Good CharlotteSecrets2004Producer
Good CharlotteThe Anthem2002Producer
Good CharlotteThe Chronicles Of Life And Death2004Producer
Good CharlotteThe Day That I Die2002Producer
Good CharlotteThe Story Of My Old Man2002Producer
Good CharlotteThe Truth2004Producer
Good CharlotteThe World Is Black2004Producer
Good CharlotteThe Young & The Hopeless2002Producer
Good CharlotteWalk Away (Maybe)2004Producer
Good CharlotteWe Believe2004Producer
Good CharlotteWondering2002Producer
Good CharlotteWounded2004Producer
Grace PotterDaylight2019Music/Lyrics
Grace PotterEvery Heartbeat2019Music/Lyrics
Grace PotterEveryday Love2019Music/Lyrics
Grace PotterLove Is Love2019Music/Lyrics
Grace PotterOn My Way2019Music/Lyrics
Grace PotterRelease2019Producer
Grace PotterShout It Out2019Producer
Grace Potter feat. LuciusBack To Me2019Producer
Grace Potter feat. LuciusDesire2019Music/Lyrics
Grace Potter feat. LuciusPlease2019Music/Lyrics
Grace Potter feat. LuciusRepossession2019Music/Lyrics
Greg HoldenFree Again2015Producer
Gwen StefaniChristmas Eve2017Producer
Gwen StefaniJingle Bells2017Producer
Gwen StefaniLast Christmas2017Producer
Gwen StefaniLet It Snow2017Producer
Gwen StefaniMy Gift Is You2017Producer
Gwen StefaniNever Kissed Anyone With Blue Eyes Before You2017Producer
Gwen StefaniSanta Baby2017Producer
Gwen StefaniSilent Night2017Producer
Gwen StefaniUnder The Christmas Lights2017Producer
Gwen StefaniWhen I Was A Little Girl2017Producer
Gwen StefaniWhite Christmas2017Producer
Gwen Stefani feat. Blake SheltonYou Make It Feel Like Christmas2017Producer
Hot Chelle RaeBleed2009Producer
LostprophetsBurn Burn2003Producer
LostprophetsLast Train Home2003Producer
LostprophetsLucky You2004Producer
Maroon 5Can't Stop2007Producer
Maroon 5If I Never See Your Face Again2007Music/Lyrics
Maroon 5Infatuation2007Producer
Maroon 5Little Of Your Time2007Producer
Nickel Creek21st Of May2014Producer
Nickel CreekChristmas Eve2014Producer
Nickel CreekDestination2014Producer
Nickel CreekElephant In The Corn2014Producer
Nickel CreekElsie2014Producer
Nickel CreekHayloft2014Producer
Nickel CreekLove Of Mine2014Producer
Nickel CreekRest Of My Life2014Producer
Nickel CreekWhere Is Love Now2014Producer
Nickel CreekYou Don't Know What's Going On2014Producer
Pete YornEver Fallen In Love2004Producer
Queens Of The Stone AgeA Song For The Dead2002Producer
Queens Of The Stone AgeA Song For The Deaf2002Producer
Queens Of The Stone AgeAnother Love Song2002Producer
Queens Of The Stone AgeEverybody's Gonna Be Happy2002Producer
Queens Of The Stone AgeFirst It Giveth2002Producer
Queens Of The Stone AgeGo With The Flow2002Producer
Queens Of The Stone AgeGod Is In The Radio2002Producer
Queens Of The Stone AgeGonna Leave You2002Producer
Queens Of The Stone AgeHangin' Tree2002Producer
Queens Of The Stone AgeMosquito Song2002Producer
Queens Of The Stone AgeNo One Knows2002Producer
Queens Of The Stone AgeSix Shooter2002Producer
Queens Of The Stone AgeYou Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire2002Producer
Slash feat. Adam LevineGotten2010Producer
Slash feat. Andrew StockdaleBy The Sword2010Producer
Slash feat. Chris CornellPromise2010Producer
Slash feat. Dave Grohl & Duff McKaganWatch This Dave2010Producer
Slash feat. FergieBeautiful Dangerous2010Producer
Slash feat. Ian AstburyGhost2010Producer
Slash feat. Iggy PopWe're All Gonna Die2010Producer
Slash feat. Kid RockI Hold On2010Producer
Slash feat. Lemmy KilmisterDoctor Alibi2010Producer
Slash feat. M. Shadows Of Avenged SevenfoldNothing To Say2010Producer
Slash feat. Myles KennedyBack From Cali2010Producer
Slash feat. Myles KennedyStarlight2010Producer
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The ConspiratorsAnastasia2012Producer
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The ConspiratorsApocalyptic Love2012Producer
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The ConspiratorsBad Rain2012Producer
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The ConspiratorsCarolina2012Producer
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The ConspiratorsCrazy Life2012Producer
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The ConspiratorsFar And Away2012Producer
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The ConspiratorsHalo2012Producer
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The ConspiratorsHard & Fast2012Producer
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The ConspiratorsNo More Heroes2012Music/Lyrics
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The ConspiratorsNot For Me2012Producer
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The ConspiratorsOne Last Thrill2012Producer
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The ConspiratorsShots Fired2012Producer
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The ConspiratorsStanding In The Sun2012Producer
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The ConspiratorsWe Will Roam2012Producer
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The ConspiratorsYou're A Lie2012Producer
Slash feat. Ozzy OsbourneCrucify The Dead2010Producer
Slash feat. Rocco DeLucaSaint Is A Sinner Too2010Producer
Smash MouthAll Star1999Producer
Smash MouthBeer Goggles1997Producer
Smash MouthCan't Get Enough Of You Baby1998Producer
Smash MouthCome On Come On1999Producer
Smash MouthDear Inez1997Producer
Smash MouthDefeat You1999Producer
Smash MouthDiggin' Your Scene1999Producer
Smash MouthDisconnect The Dots1997Producer
Smash MouthDisenchanted2001Producer
Smash MouthEvery Word Means No1998Producer
Smash MouthFallen Horses1999Producer
Smash MouthFlo1997Producer
Smash MouthForce Field2001Producer
Smash MouthHeave-Ho1997Producer
Smash MouthHold You High2001Producer
Smash MouthHoliday In My Head2001Producer
Smash MouthHome1999Producer
Smash MouthI Just Wanna See1999Producer
Smash MouthI'm A Believer2001Producer
Smash MouthKeep It Down2001Producer
Smash MouthLet's Rock1997Producer
Smash MouthNervous In The Alley1997Producer
Smash MouthOut Of Sight2001Producer
Smash MouthPacific Coast Party2001Producer
Smash MouthPadrino1997Producer
Smash MouthPet Names1997Producer
Smash MouthPush1997Producer
Smash MouthRadio1999Producer
Smash MouthRoad Man1999Producer
Smash MouthSatellite1999Producer
Smash MouthShe Turns Me On2001Music/Lyrics
Smash MouthShoes'N'Hats2001Producer
Smash MouthSister Psychic2001Producer
Smash MouthSorry About Your Penis1997Producer
Smash MouthStoned1999Producer
Smash MouthThe Fonz1997Producer
Smash MouthThe In Set2001Producer
Smash MouthThen The Morning Comes1999Producer
Smash MouthWalkin' On The Sun1997Producer
Smash MouthWaste1999Producer
Smash MouthWho's There1999Producer
Smash MouthWhy Can't We Be Friends1998Producer
Smash MouthYour Man2001Producer
Smash Mouth & Rosie O'DonnellNuttin' For Christmas2000Producer
Steve LukatherTumescent2010Music/Lyrics
Taking Back SundayBest Places To Be A Mom2011Producer
Taking Back SundayCall Me In The Morning2011Producer
Taking Back SundayEl Paso2011Producer
Taking Back SundayFaith (When I Let You Down)2011Producer
Taking Back SundayIt Doesn't Feel A Thing Like Falling2011Producer
Taking Back SundayMoney (Let It Go)2011Producer
Taking Back SundaySad Savior2011Producer
Taking Back SundaySince You're Gone2011Producer
Taking Back SundayThis Is All Now2011Producer
Taking Back SundayWho Are You Anyway?2011Producer
Taking Back SundayYou Got Me2011Producer
The All-American RejectsAnother Heart Calls2009Producer
The All-American RejectsBack To Me2009Producer
The All-American RejectsBelieve2009Producer
The All-American RejectsBreakin'2009Producer
The All-American RejectsDamn Girl2009Producer
The All-American RejectsFallin' Apart2009Producer
The All-American RejectsGives You Hell2009Producer
The All-American RejectsI Wanna2009Producer
The All-American RejectsMona Lisa (When The World Comes Down)2009Producer
The All-American RejectsReal World2009Producer
The All-American RejectsSunshine2009Producer
The All-American RejectsThe Wind Blows2009Producer
The BraidsBohemian Rhapsody1996Producer
The BraidsYoung Americans1998Producer
The Madden BrothersBrixton2014Music/Lyrics
The Madden BrothersDear Jane2014Music/Lyrics
The Madden BrothersJealousy (All Your Friends In Silverlake)2014Music/Lyrics
The Madden BrothersLove Pretenders2014Music/Lyrics
The Madden BrothersOut Of My Mind2014Music/Lyrics
The Madden BrothersU R2014Music/Lyrics
The Madden BrothersWe Are Done2014Music/Lyrics
The Spencer Lee BandThe Wolf2018Music/Lyrics
The Wombats19962011Producer
The WombatsTokyo (Vampires & Wolves)2010Producer
The WombatsYour Body Is A Weapon2013Producer
Third Eye BlindHow's It Going To Be1997Producer
Third Eye BlindSemi-Charmed Life1997Producer
Say Anything (Good Charlotte)185.17
Movin' On (Good Charlotte)225.14
Mosquito Song (Queens Of The Stone Age)275.11
No One Knows (Queens Of The Stone Age)875.1
A Song For The Deaf (Queens Of The Stone Age)175.06
Gonna Leave You (Queens Of The Stone Age)195.05
Emotionless (Good Charlotte)215.05
Go With The Flow (Queens Of The Stone Age)565.02
Starlight (Slash feat. Myles Kennedy)65
Jingle Bells (Gwen Stefani)55
My Bloody Valentine (Good Charlotte)254.96
The Day That I Die (Good Charlotte)184.94
Another Love Song (Queens Of The Stone Age)164.94
Wondering (Good Charlotte)164.88
The Story Of My Old Man (Good Charlotte)164.81
The Truth (Good Charlotte)214.81
Anastasia (Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators)54.8
First It Giveth (Queens Of The Stone Age)294.79
You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire (Queens Of The Stone Age)244.79
Last Train Home (Lostprophets)274.78
I Just Wanna Live (Good Charlotte)1934.17
Gives You Hell (The All-American Rejects)1523.82
Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous (Good Charlotte)1053.91
No One Knows (Queens Of The Stone Age)875.1
All Star (Smash Mouth)814.43
Girls And Boys (Good Charlotte)784.18
Semi-Charmed Life (Third Eye Blind)714.73
The Chronicles Of Life And Death (Good Charlotte)604.05
Predictable (Good Charlotte)583.93
Go With The Flow (Queens Of The Stone Age)565.02
We Believe (Good Charlotte)554.53
The Anthem (Good Charlotte)464.52
I'm A Believer (Smash Mouth)454
If I Never See Your Face Again (Maroon 5)433.91
Beautiful Dangerous (Slash feat. Fergie)424.31
I Wanna (The All-American Rejects)413.54
Walkin' On The Sun (Smash Mouth)404.7
Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) (The Wombats)384.24
We Are Done (The Madden Brothers)384.21
Bohemian Rhapsody (The Braids)382.71

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