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Music/Lyrics:Toby Gad
Kesha "k$" Sebert
Producer:Toby Gad
World wide:
au  Peak: 10 / weeks: 17
nz  Peak: 14 / weeks: 14

Sire 9362498706


CD-Single Sire 9362498706 (Warner) / EAN 9340650000243
1. This Love
2. The Veronicas feat. Tania Doko - Don't Say Goodbye
3. Untouched (Listen Deep Remix)

2:59Hook Me Up [Limited Karaoke DVD Edition]Sire
2:59This LoveSire
2:59Hook Me UpSire
Album2:57Now - The Hits Of Winter 2008Rhino
212 381-2
2:59Hook Me UpSire
2:59Hook Me UpSire
The VeronicasThe Veronicas: Discography / Become a fan
Official Site
Interview with The Veronicas (2009, German)
4ever 2009
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Biting My Tongue
Born Bob Dylan
Catch Fire
Chains (Tina Arena, Jessica Mauboy & The Veronicas)
Change The World
Cross My Heart
Dead Cool
Did Ya Think
Did You Miss Me (I'm A Veronica)
Don't Say Goodbye (The Veronicas feat. Tania Doko)
Everything I Need
Everything I'm Not
Goodbye To You
Heavily Broken
Here To Dance
High Score
Hook Me Up
How Long
I Can't Stay Away
I Could Get Used To This
I Don't Wanna Wait
If You Love Someone
I'm So Happy
In Another Life
In It To Win It
In My Blood
Leave Me Alone
Let Me Out
Lies (The Veronicas feat. Muki)
Life Of The Party (The Veronicas feat. Allday)
Line Of Fire
Mad Love
More Like Me
Mother Mother
Mouth Shut
Movie Star (The Veronicas feat. Fr33sol & Lavva)
Nobody Wins
On Your Side
Out Of Time (The Veronicas feat. Wrabel)
Restless (Allday feat. The Veronicas)
Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)
Silent (The Veronicas feat. Travis Barker)
Someone Wake Me Up
Spirits & Sins
Stealing Cars
Sugar Daddy
Supernatural Girl
Take Me Home
Take Me On The Floor
Teenage Millionaire
The Only High
The Secret Life Of....
Think Of Me
This Is How It Feels
This Love
We Are One
What's Goin' On
When It All Falls Apart
Without You
Worlds Apart
You And Me
You Ruin Me
Gothic Summer
Hook Me Up
The Secret Life Of...
The Veronicas
Average points: 4.28 (Reviews: 29)
Wirklich toller Song von 'The Veronicas' die ich früher überhaupt nicht leiden konnte. Hat sich mittlerweilen geändert.
...toller neuer Song der australischen Zwillinge...guter Drive und auch gewohnt perfekt gesungen...in Australien sind die beiden identischen Girls ein fester Wert und mit ihren 24 Jahren haben sie schon etliche Awards und Auszeichnungen abgeholt....
"Hook Me Up" und "Untouched" sind geiler. Die 3. Single ist aber auch ganz okay.
...ich finde diesen Song weit mehr als nur "okay"...das ist geiler Pop...knallig u. gut produziert...ein Highlight auf dem Album "Hook me up"...
Last edited: 16.03.2009 12:49
nette Nummer der beiden bezaubernden Damen...fand 'Untouched' noch eine Spur eingängiger - 4.75...
Süße, kleine Electro-Pop-Nummer für zwischendurch. Nichts weltbewegendes zwar, für eine knappe 5 reichts aber noch!
auf jeden Fall okay, wer mehr als 4* zieht, muß man wohl schon zu den Bravo Abbonennten zählen..
Geil, was sonst?
didnt really like it at first but love it now. Cowrittnen by Ke$ha
Muy buena.
This song is listenable at least.
Peaked at #4 on my personal chart.<br><br>Came in at #89 in my Top 100 of 2008.
Last edited: 13.01.2013 14:45
You know, I've always found this okay, but nothing more than that. It's not something that I'd expect to go top 10 since it's a little uninteresting outside of the chorus, and once you've heard the song once, it's nothing really that interesting.<br><br>It is good that it did go top 10 though, as during that short stay there, it was one of the best songs in the top 10, which just goes to show how ordinary the top side of the charts were in mid-2008. I'd rather this over Low or Sweet About Me any day!<br><br>The other problem is that the vocals get a bit flat during said chorus, particularly during the "Leave you now" part, and the subsequent related part. Even though it's lyrically connected and it's the title of the song, the "On this love" bit sounds a bit out of place which has always annoyed me a little.<br><br>As for the verses, very formulaic and boring, going about it slowly, either to save on lyrics, or to exemplify the chorus, which is probably the only part of the song a lot of people care about. I'm not sure but either way it annoys me.<br><br>Speaking of lyrics, who'd have thought this would be co-written by the one and only Ke$ha? It actually surprises me how not trashy this song is, as someone who has heard her debut LP in full, something like this would certainly be out of place, but very welcome amongst the trash.<br><br>The lyrics actually seem a little contradicting, "Even if I leave you now, and it breaks my heart" draws the question of why are you leaving them. I'd understand it if they were leaving you, but it is explicitly stated as such. The fact that the chorus ends with "I won't give up on this love" just seems silly when you consider the previous quoted lyric.<br><br>The next thing that annoys me about this is the backing beat. I have a serious problem with backing beats in pop songs, this one in particular takes the cake, it's a simple beat that does not stop for almost the entire song, bar the refrain before the end. The chorus keeps it the same and just adds some guitar and it really annoys me.<br><br>If Youtube is anything to go by, more people are listening to this than ever before, and that's not even including the ten or so times I've heard this while writing this review. I'm not quite sure why though, this sounds like something that ages quickly and isn't really remembered, particularly since they had more memorable material from the same album in "Untouched".<br><br>One thing that always confuses me is who actually buys songs like these? I mean, it's okay, but not something I'd expect to be bought in mass, especially since their album had already been selling well prior to the release. Not to mention the uninterestingness which I've already highlighted earlier.<br><br>Have I mentioned how uninteresting the film clip is? Well it is. It's one of those, performance/tell a story clips but it seems jagged in its editing. Not to mention I have no idea what's going on anyway, it seems like it's going for the theme of the song but it doesn't seem anything like it.<br><br>Overall, I'd put this in about the middle for quality for them. Not their best but it's not one of their worst either. It's pretty run-of-the-mill though and lumped together with most other songs with a similar sound, since it's nothing new or unique.<br><br>Perhaps this song could be used as an argument for the problems with the music industry, I mean, I could think of hundreds of better songs than this released in 2008 that didn't even get close to the top 10, but this goes down in the books for actually achieving that, while the rest are undocumented and forgotten, or heralded as the modern day classics that they are. Time will tell on that regard.<br><br>You may think I'm totally nuts for writing a review this long, for a random song that I don't have any feelings for, but this is the appropriate length in which to review it. Any shorter and I may have missed something, such as the fact that it uses a 4/4 time signature.<br><br>But to conclude, the song is okay, despite it's formulaic nature, and it was a lot better than some of the garbage in the charts at the time. But it's not anything memorable that I'd like to listen to over and over again, particularly since they have better songs. Then again, I suppose there's an audience for something like this, as it did sell.<br><br>tl;dr, it's okay, and I can listen to it on occasion. 2.75
The sisters have delivered yet another song which is catchy and fun and perfectly suited to the time of its release. So, while it may not have held up amazingly well over the years, it still rates quite highly with me and I do still enjoy giving it a listen every so often. It’s not one of their absolute best tracks, but I would probably place it near their top five.<br><br>I do agree that the vocals can come across as very flat in some parts of the song, especially during the chorus, and I also agree that the “on this love” line within the chorus does feel very misplaced. It doesn’t seem to fit with the tune or the melody of the rest of the song, or indeed, even of the chorus. And that is rather problematic as it does contain the title and thus it should be one of the most memorable parts of the song. Unfortunately, if it is memorable, it’s for the wrong reasons.<br><br>The video seems to suit the song quite well. From what I gather, it appears to be showing the stories of two pairs of lovers who have been torn apart by circumstances out of their control, and a series of missed opportunities and misunderstandings lead to problems within the relationship, which they seem to be trying to continue long distance. Fortunately, it all works out for the lovers in the end, as they are re-united.<br><br>I only just recently learned that this song was co-written by Kesha, and I am amazed at that fact. I would have expected any song written in part by her to be about drinking, vomiting, sex, or a combination of the three. Yes this song is quite appropriate, and dare I say even classy by her standards. How unfortunate for her that she didn’t continue those standards for her own album, or indeed, even keep this track for herself.<br><br>The standout part of the song in my opinion is actually the lyrics, and the strength of the story they tell and the picture they create. And so I want to delve a little deeper into them. What are they really saying? What is this song about? And hopefully through this I can understand the song more and enjoy it on a new, deeper level.<br><br>The song opens with the lines “I can see it in your eyes. Taste it in our first kiss.” The story is beginning with a couple who are meeting and they have an instant connection. Right away they feel like they belong together. Love at first sight perhaps? “Stranger in this lonely town. Save me from my emptiness.” It becomes apparent that the vocalist had up until now been feeling extremely alone, and potentially even depressed, and now this new man has entered her life, and with this instant connection she feels, she’s begging him to bring her happiness back. Is she asking him to save her, or does she already know that he will? I think it’s up to you to decide. The relationship continues to develop, strengthen and deepen as we move on to lyrics such as “You took my hand. You told me it would be okay.” The vocalist appears to find the taking of her hand to be comforting, and she also feels comforted by his words. I would hazard the guess that her new beau was able to tell how low she had been feeling, and realised that she needed him to be affectionate and caring, and even needed him in her life. And he’s saying and doing all the right things. The things she needs to see and needs to hear. And it’s working. “I trusted you to hold my heart. Now fate is pulling me away.” Oh no! Heartbreak! The vocalist was finally able to open up and let someone in, and she gave him her heart and all her love, and now they’re being torn apart by something out of their control. Is it a family moving away and dragging one with them? Is it a job sending one of the couple to a remote location? I’d say you get to choose why they are being torn apart.<br><br>We then move into the chorus with “Even if I leave you now. And it breaks my heart.” So it’s the girl who is being forced to leave. And forced she is, because it’s breaking her heart. My interpretation is that she had to move away for work, but it’s really open as to why she might leave the man she so obviously loves. “Even if I’m not around. I won’t give in, I can’t give up. On this love.” To me, this appears to be the point where they decide to give a long distance relationship a chance. They are too much in love to break up just because they’ve been physically separated, possibly only for a short period of time, and the girl loves and needs the boy far too much to consider ending things and losing him. What would she do then, go back to that horrible emptiness she was feeling? That’s not something she could begin to consider. So she is refusing to give up on their relationship. She KNOWS it’s strong enough to withstand this small and hopefully temporary obstacle that has been thrown in their way.<br><br>The second verse features the lyrics “You’ve become a piece of me. Makes me sick to even think, of mornings waking up alone. Searching for you in my sheets. Don’t fade away.” To me this sounds like what the girl is saying to her boyfriend as she is about to leave. She’s telling him how deeply she feels for him, and how much she loves him; he’s become a part of her. And now they’re going to be separated and she cannot stand the thought of him not being there with her every morning when she wakes up. First thing in the morning he’s on her mind, and she’s going to wake up thinking he’ll be there, but because of this awful distance that is about to be between them, he won’t be. And then she might feel that awful, horrible emptiness she used to have before he came along. She’s begging him there at the end “Don’t fade away.” She does not want this distance to tear them apart. Long distance relationships are hard, but it could be a success if they both commit to it and work at it. She doesn’t want him to fade out of her life because of this.<br><br>We move back into the chorus then, featuring the same lyrics as before, but in my mind this time they come with a slightly different tone and meaning. Whereas during the first chorus I felt that the girl was more certain that she would not give up on their love, now she’s struggling to believe that it can actually really work and she is trying to psych herself up and make herself believe. This can work. This will work!<br><br>So now the girl has moved away and the couple is separated by distance but are keeping their relationship going. The final verse starts out “I can’t just close the door on this love. I never felt anything like this before, like this love.” To me it sounds like the relationship is on the rocks. Obviously the long distance thing is tearing them apart despite their best efforts and best intentions. Possibly, the boy has even floated the idea that maybe its best they break up, however the girl knows deep down that that’s not what either of them really want, he’s just buckling under the pressure. She’s defiant; she’s not willing to give up on them as she’s never felt this way about someone and knows how lucky she is to have found him and have this kind of love. And how likely is it she’ll find something this amazing again? “Tell me the truth no matter what we’re going through. Will you hold on too?” She’s begging and pleading at this point, the way I see it is that she knows that if he tells her the truth about what he’s feeling there is a chance they can fix things. But if he starts hiding his thoughts and feelings from her, they’re doomed. She will have no chance to sort things out. And she’s just begging him to hold on the way she’s clinging to their relationship. She knows the distance won’t be there forever, if he can just wait it out, they’ll be back together and everything will be alright.<br><br>The song closes with two more repetitions of the chorus featuring the same lyrics once again, but once again I feel they have a different meaning. This time I’m definitely seeing them as more pleading. I feel that she’s saying these words to her boy to try and convince him to keep trying to make things work with her. She’s not planning on giving up on them and she doesn’t want him to either. It certainly seems that she needs and loves him more than he does her, however that might just be because we’re hearing the story from her side, possibly if we got to hear his side of the story it’d seem like he was just as upset about the relationship troubles.<br><br>The one sad thing about it all is that the song lyrically doesn’t offer the same happy ending that the video does. It really leaves things open for the listener to decide how the story ends. Do they decide to break up? Do they hold on and wait things out? Does the girl move back to be with her boy, or does he make the move to be with her? It’s your choice. My personal preference because I’m a romantic is that one of them makes the move so they can be together, and they live happily ever after.<br><br>To sum up, while I don’t find this to be the best Veronicas song, or even the best from that particular album, I do have a soft spot for it because it’s a rather romantic song and has painted a very vivid picture in my head. Unlike many songs, it tells a story and tells it well. And it features real, relatable characters within the story, which show integrity, moral fortitude, compassion and intelligence. I wholeheartedly approve of the song. 4.75 stars.
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Not bad, not as good as the first two singles from this album. I felt like doing a long review for this but cbb lol.
Good song, i quite like it.
Love this track. It was hard to follow up Untouched with another stomping track, so I'm glad they went for a low key one. This is lovely, one of my top tracks of 2008.
Flauer, uncooler Titel von 2007. Klingt sehr beliebig und verwischt!
Awesome track, but it was the weakest of their singles. A different direction for them; very surprised that one of the writers of this was Kesha!
Last edited: 12.12.2021 02:05
A track that got worse with age.
This has a good vibe about it. I remember this being regularly played on radio. A nice sound.<br>With an harmonious style and mysterious storyline, this certainly is the kind of song you could write a PhD thesis on :p<br>4.3*
Nostalgia! Apart from that though it's nothing overly special but I do enjoy it. Unfortunately I cannot write a long review about my opinions on this at the current moment. However I will say that of that top 10 I prefer "Sweet About Me", "4 Minutes", "Bubbly", "Dream Catch Me", "Better In Time", "American Boy" and "Perfect" :P<br><br>Edit: Also I think I slightly prefer "Love In This Club" too. I'd like to add that the chorus is the highlight and is mostly what cause that blast of nostalgia whenever I listen to it. They have better tracks but this is perfectly solid.
Last edited: 22.09.2015 04:15
Un morceau particulièrement réussi.
It's alright but they've done better.
Für mich die schwächste Single der Veronicas - Sehr mittelmäßig
Guter Veronicas Song.
<br>Kein Hammer-Song, aber 4 ⭐️ kann man hierfür schon geben.
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