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Hello and welcome!
Wow, I LOVE this site! Thank you Steffen, it looks really fab. Have lots of fun on here everyone. Hugz, IrishGirl
Does anyone have chart positions in Ireland for the following albums by Nirvana, I don't mean the re-entry positions after the year 2000 that are found on this site but there original peak positions when released:

Bleach (1989 re-released in 1992)
Nevermind (1991-1992)
Incesticide (1992)
In Utero (1993)
Unplugged in New York (1994)
From The Muddy Banks of the Wishkha (1996)

Hi. Would anyone know where I could get data that lists albums that achieved at least gold status in ireland since 2001?


The archives here only go back as fa as 2000.

The full, official Irish chart archives going back as long as ever are now available at this site: http://www.irishcharts.ie/search/placement
Hi there.
Looks great and I love it!
Well done, Steffen!
does any one know where oasis album the masterplan charted in irish album charts
Hello! I´m from Austria!
I only want to say hello. I'm not from Ireland, but I like this country!
Does anyone know if the irish band Superjimenez have released any other tracks?

I heard their song Helicopters when I was in Dublin for easter. Thought it was a really cool track!

Can anyone help? I heard one of the members is from Australia?

Will (from Melbourne, Australia)
Hello! I´m from Germany! Do you speak German too?
Hi Clary, great to see you here.

im from swizerland
this is beautiful ireland

can somebody tell me all chart positions of Scooter(single and album charts) in the Irish charts? Thanks a lot.
i hope there will be album archives here.
Hello everybody! Im from Germany...i have a question: Are here Kelly Family Fans? Sorry, but my english is not so good. Please call me...
Hey, does anyone know what number Delta Goodrem's Mistaken Identity reached on the album charts? Would be much appreciated

i have serched net since 2001 to find yearly singles and albums of ireland from 1970 to 2000 and still find nothing

only in irma.ie i find 2001-2006 album chart

where can i find this charts and gold and platinum archive?

You can find the Irish singles from 1962 on THE IRISH CHARTS-All there is to know, or when you search for UKMIX-FORUMS-VIEW TOPIC-THE IRISH CHART THREAD.There you can see the Irish charts weekly from 1976.
Thanks for this site. It's great. I hope that the charts will be arrived!!!
Sorry for the BAD english , coz I'm French !!!!
Ca c'est pas un problem,moi je suis belge,mais un belge flamande.Y-a-t'il un possiblite pour avour le charts francais d'avant 1985.Je suis tres intresseé,mais je n'ai pas des statistique.Excusez mon francais,mais votre 'english'est tres bien.
Je veut collecte tous les charts European que je trouve.C'est pas facile,mais avec ce site ici j'ai deja beaucoup.J'ai le livre de Daniel Lesueur'Hit Parades 1950-1998,sa son les charts de chaque mois,et quand il y a un possibilite d'avour des charts chaque semaine d'avant 1985,c'est sublime mais pas pas facile.Je cherche des personne qui veut aider.
Hello everyone,
I'm a GEORGE MICHAEL FAN but I even like ELTON JOHN.I'd like to know other fans all over the world....I'm 34 and I'm italian.Bye.
heey guys... i speak german so it could be that i make mistakes.... i've got a question, who knows SUNRISE AVE that's a really good band... love them... do you know fairytale gone bad?? that's a song of them...

Has anyone seen remember the days by pink floyd remember the day on dvd tryin to get it for my hubby, am from n.ireland
Why do you delete chart positions
We don't have the rights to publish the charts here and in UK...
Does anyone the know the irish chart peak positions for the following Manics albums.

Generation Terrorists
Gold Against the Soul
The Holy Bible
Everything Must Go
This is my Truth Tell me Yours

Does Anyone have the chart positions for the following B*Witched albums?:

* B*Witched (1998)
* Awake and Breathe (1999)
* C'est La Vie (2005. Greatest Hits Album)

And these Kylie albums:

* Kylie (1988)
* Rythm of Love (1990)
* Let's Get To It (1991)
* Kylie MInogue (1994)
* Impossible Princess (1997)

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what happend with the band "hada to hada" ? irish one
Francis, si tu veux tous les charts français
http://www.top-france.fr/ c'est le site de Fabrice Ferment, qui travaille avec la SNEP et Disque en France. Classements de 1965 à 1987 pour l'instant, il en est à avril ou mai 1965 et février 1987, mais tu as tous ceux de 1966 à 1986.
Hi. I'm new to this site. thanks to Ben Howard. Very quiet
I wish for the Ireland's Top 10 Lists from 1962-1966 please
got chart position for this one

This is my Truth Tell me Yours #1 (4wks)

Any positions for these
Generation Terrorists
Gold Against the Soul
The Holy Bible
Everything Must Go

I wish for the Ireland's Top 10 lists fron 1962-1966.Cyril Wilkinson 14 Main Street, Co. Wicklow.Republic of Ireland
and I still haven't got them yet.
Like many others I want at the very least all the Irish #1 hits from 1962-1966 Robert McNiece.
All the Irish #1 hits in the Irish Charts from 1962-1966.
Hello. I am a Hurricane Smith fan and would like to know how I can either download or purchase or at least play his songs that are in your website. Please reply. Thank you kindly.
Hi there, I would like to know exactly how many hits Roly Daniels has had on the Irish music charts since his first one in 1966?
How manny hits had Rod Stewart here in Ireland between duets, The Faces annd also as a solo act?

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